January 2020: Altaica Alpha Strategies Fund: +2.36%

By maart 1, 2020Multi Alpha Strategies

The year 2020 started well for most of our strategies. There were only a few funds with negative results. The fund gained 2.36% for the month of January. This even could have been better without the turmoil in the last week of the month. The corona virus ignited a volatility spike which erased some of the profits of CTA managers and Equity Long Short managers. Within the category Other we have a long position in Crypto Currencies which gained an exceptional 40%. Besides the Crypto Currencies one CTA manager performed particularly well with a jump of 26.5%. The other CTA managers performed more modestly. Two of the CTA managers unfortunately ended up in the red. Global Macro was the biggest contributor to the overall performance due to the gain of +14.5% of one of the two Global Macro managers. The Equity managers suffered the most of all strategies which can be related to the corona turmoil. Three out of the four managers contributed negatively. Because of this the strategy was the only one with a negative monthly result. The Credit Strategies performed in a decent and solid way. During January we added a position to the portfolio. This new fund is investing in residential real estate in the BeNeLux. We also increased our position in the Sustainable Long Short Equity strategy. Additionally we added a new CTA manager, financed by a sell of some less performing CTA positions. Also we are considering to take a position into a Participation Fund which invests in Emerging Markets. Given our positioning we continue to be confidence about our future performan