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The Altaica Alpha High Performance Funds are an excellent access to the alternative investments spectrum. The funds are under management of Elite Fund Management. EFM is holder of the license assigned by the AFM, included in the register of the AFM.
The Alpha High Performance Funds are the best way for portfolio diversification and to add the power of Alternative Investments to your investments. This with all advantages of licensed funds which are under full supervision of the Dutch financial authorities.

Diversification gives more safety. Our strategies are designed to add higher returns to your portfolio. This to improve the return-/-risk balance. Due to our management style the funds are less vulnerable by the directions of the markets we invest. We invite you to get further information regarding the funds from our fund managers. Sent us your request for our information package by mail or visit our seminars.

Altaica Funds

Alpha Strategies Fund

  • date: 31-05-2020
  • year to date: -1.03%
  • annualised*: -1.64%
  • last month: 0.83%

* fund starting date: 1 July 2015

Sustainable Equity Long Short

  • date: 30-06-2020
  • year to date*: 8.95%
  • annualised*: —
  • last month*: 4.16%

* original fund starting date: 1 July 2015, however the returns mentioned here are as in the new setup since March 2019 (see also below)

** please note that before March 2019 the fund was named Alpha Eur-Asia and managed in another setup


June 2020: Altaica Sustainable Long Short Equity: 4.16%

By | Emerging Alpha Eur-Asia

With a gain of 4.16% for the month the fund continues its streak of outperforming the benchmark. The total YTD performance is now up to 8.95% resulting in a YTD outperformance of about 17.6%. This month we made some changes to the portfolio. On the one hand to improve the quality of the portfolio and on the other hand we have the ambition to increase our score on Environment. Our fund was already rated among the highest ESG scoring funds, however on the Environment part we scored a little less. By our adjustments we implemented some significant improvements. Besides, we want to add 5 companies which provide a real solution to global environment problems. We added the following names to…

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May 2020: Altaica Alpha Strategies Fund: 0.83%

By | Multi Alpha Strategies

For the month of May the portfolio performed positively with +0.82%. The main driver of this positive result is the recovery of the credit markets as the risk appetite is returning. This return of confidence fuelled the strong recovery of our heavily hit credit position. So far this year that fund has been a strong diversifier for any portfolio of bonds and equities. CTA’s performed positively during May. However, it was not strongly driven. We decided to sell the CTA ‘dinosaurs’ in our portfolio to make room for allocations to other strategies that are smaller, more dynamic and trading on markets less influenced by the Central Banks of Europe, USA and Japan. Also we are studying some very interesting AI strategies….

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May 2020: Altaica Sustainable Long Short Equity: 9.02%

By | Emerging Alpha Eur-Asia

May 2020 was a very strong month for our strategy. The global equity markets continued the recovery rally. The fund was able to outperform the equity markets by about 5%. The result over May was 9.02%, bringing the YTD performance around 4.6%. By active management we were able to keep the impact of the losses caused by the hedge positions on the total result limited. Next to this our selection of individual equities was the main driver of our strong performance. The total outperformance since start on the first on March 2019 of the global equity markets exceeds now 30%. Best performing positions were the Dutch Internet Payment service provider Adyen (+36.5%), followed by Lowe’s (+22.7%) and NVIDIA (+19.8%). The…

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